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hi i need to ask about cancer on my right testical at the top there is like a little tube thing comng out of it nad it fells like a lump is that norma or what


Hi there! What you found is perfectly normal. Testicles have tubes attached to them. It is called epididymis and is a LUMPY tube that is stretching from the bottom to the top of the testicle. You wouldn’t believe that this tube is 5-7 meters long but it just curled up and feels lumpy.

This is why many men can actually feel these lumps and get really frustrated over them. However, if you start experiencing pain, the lump gets bigger and you develop a fever, this is a sign of bacterial infection of the epididymis. It is called epididymitis and it is easily treated with antibiotics.

I reckon what you felt is just an epididymis. It is probably not cancer but if you are still concerned, you can always see a urologist and have it checked.