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Hi I have found a lump on the top of my left and right testicle by I'm 14 and suffer from panic attacks so I am very scared my dad has recently died from cancer so I am more worried now. The lump on my right ball I think is larger but not to sure it's also attached to the ball and hard also a pea shape could it just be part of the epididymis or something wors please help Im really sceard. :(


Hi messi,

I'm sorry about your dad.

Yes, it could be part of your epididymis.

No one can tell you what it is without an exam. You'll need to see your doctor.

I will tell you that you are just a little young for testicular cancer. It is also unlikely that it would affect both at the same time. It could be related to an infection, epididymitis. Can't say for sure.

Get it checked. Not everything is cancer.