Dentists received new recommendation from the expert Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee about re-usage of device employed for root canal work due to the possibility of it causing infection in patients with variant CJD.

England’s Chief Dental Officer reported that there have been no definite or suspected cases of vCJD transmission arising from dental procedures yet and that the warning is just precautionary. They are advising public to continue to attend their dentists as normal.

The new recommendations should be applicable to instruments called as files and reamers as they are most frequently used to remove damaged tissue from the root canal of a tooth during endodontic procedures.
The rate of infection is still ambiguous. In the recent past, there have been no reports of VcJD due to transmission from dentistry treatment.

Chief executive of the British Dental Association claims that there is an extremely low incidence of traceable infections originating from dental practice and that dentists take patients’ health and safety seriously making dentistry one of the safest areas of healthcare.