My father has c-dif he has had it for 1 month now, he is 86 and has been in the hospital for almost two months. I wonder if any one out there got over this and how long it took you. He is diabetic, has had a foot ulcer which lead to below the knee amputation, which was no problem for him. He was about to be transferred to Providence Villa in Toronto but he had pnemonia which he is over. Thena stroke which caused him not to be able to eat for fear that it would go in the lung. At this point like most I would think you get fed up. They wanted to put a stomach tube in and he said that was enough of this.......... So he starved for 5 days no food nor liquid for 5 days. The poor guy was in a daze. The had him on intervince during that time and oxygen. At the 6 day we asked the doctor can he at least have orange juice on his lips or something. The doctor said he can eat and drink but pured food and no thin liquid just thick drinks..... So His first food was mac n cheese mushed, vannila , chocolate puding and jello. Can we say I don't understand. It has been a few weeks and he is sitting up straight when eating then he waits 30 after finishing his meal still sitting straight then he can lie down. He has his good days then he has those days when he just wants God to take him. It has been hard to see my Father go through this I just hope he can get over this cdif. So any info would be appreciated.

Thanks and take care.