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my father had a laproscopic surgery of gallstones and hiatus hernia 5 years ago.Then he had IBS and unusually lost 20 lbs and has not gained since then. he was also adviced not to take milk.last year he had a colonoscopy and nothing was diagnosed. he is having his regular healthy diet of fruits in breakfast and a normal meal of pulses , vegetables low in oil. recently his physician has asked him to take milk and he has no problems with it. but my major concern is that he has not gained wieght.recently he had a thyroid test which turned out to be ok. he has high BP for the last 15 years. he is having stamlo 2.5 od. both my grand parents have a heart problem. he used to get chlostophobic and had painic attacks which is okay now. in last 1 month he had freak fever with shivering in the night which came down in the morning after severe perspiration without any medication. rarely he complains of weakness in the legs, else he is energetic.

please help!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(


Well if your father is able to take milk, do you think that he would also be able to have something like peanut butter too? What I'm thinking is that a nice glass of milk plus some peanut butter would be really helpful because it's high calorie but it's also fairly healthy food so it would be good to help your father gain some weight. Does anyone have insight into the other issues? I am afraid I cannot help there. Please keep us posted.