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Hi, guys. My friend has been diagnosed with cerebral vasculitis. I know this is an inflammation of small and medium sized blood vessels. I would like to know about the prognosis of this disease. Since it affects brain, I guess it is serious, but I am not sure. Can someone answer?


Hello there,

Well, this is very rare condition and since you are familiar with the fact that vasculitis is the inflammation of the blood vessels than for sure you are aware of the fact that Cerebral vasculitis has to do something that includes brain and sometimes even spinal cord. It is very hard to diagnose this condition and sometimes it is even necessary to do the biopsy of the brain and I presume that your friend had to do this.

Usually treatment involves corticosteroids and the prognosis are depending on the cause of this condition. Sometimes this is result of some underlying cause. So I believe that the best answer to your question can give you your friend’s doctor.



I have cerebral vasculitis i know quite alot about my condition

Every case of vasculitis is different-- i almost died 20years ago from this i was hit extremely hard with a massive dose of steroids

Your friend wants to research a specialist and get a referral as there are many neurologists that think they are god and can treat this condition incorrectly


so vital this person sees a good specialist

research johns hopkins vasculitis centre


It all depends on how much this person is being affected by the vasculitis


Has there been a biopsy

They do not tend to do them anymore unless really active and accessible lesions on the brain