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My friend has some unclear symptoms and doctors suspect on vasculitis. I am not sure what kind of screening tests are necessary here. Maybe he doesn’t even have this disorder. My friend is mentioning biopsy or CT, but I am not sure. Can you tell me something more? I would really be grateful.


Hello there antone2013,

Basically when we say vasculitis we mean on a group of disorders which are connected with the inflammation of the blood vessels and this means that the walls of blood vessels are damaged.

The best way to diagnose vasculitis is the biopsy so this is probably what your friend was talking about and what he needs to undergo to confirm if he is really suffering from the vasculitis and if he does which one is in question because there are few types of vasculitis.

Also it is possible to do x-ray screening for diagnosis of the vasculitis but this usually depends on the situation. I am sure that your friend will inform you about the tests and the results.