In 2000 i went in for a simple cervical epidural at c3 c4 for neck and problems next thing i know I'm in the hospital numb from my neck down A day later they re list me still unable to Walther only treatment i reseved was an M.R.I and pain medicines mydoctor at the time told me a few days latter that it was standard that the numbness and pain would go away in three to four day;s that was seven years ago This saga still goes on to this day.One question in my mind is with out the doctor telling me how dangerous that drug is to someone who has had ulcers before and not singing for a second injection at c4 c5 did not brech standerd of care. and befour then i'd never heard of it until i saw it on he;s paper work PLEAES PLEASE EVEN DOCTORS.PS HE STOLE MY FLOSCOPY THE SAME DAY OF THE INCIDENT AND HEID IT IN HE;S HOME FOR THREE YEARS .DOCTORS SAY THAY CARE ABOUTH US LET;S SEE WHICH ONE SAYS TO HELL WITH THERE INSURENCE PROVIDER AN SAY LET;S HELP AN AMERICAN HERE IN THE U.S.A _[removed]_