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MRI revelied 4 dics of the neck with narrowing. Numbness of the left arm and 3 fingers of the left hand are involved. Traction, anti inflammatories and 2 injections of cortizone in the most effected dics have been done.
Some relief of pain has occured but numbness, tingling and soreness still occurs. Surgery has been suggested. I'm concerned that will only be temporary relief and the risk is too great. What are the risks of having and not having surgery?? I am 65 about 20 pounds overweight female.
Symptoms occur off and on daily.

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The key to the whole situation is finding a GOOD doctor, that knows his stuff!! They will help you decide, and at some point this will only get worse and surgery is an option, and the other option they gave me was sticking needles in my spine with no guarantee that would help. I did have the surgery and do not regret it. I am not pain free, and prob never will be. But better than paralyzed and in a wheel chair. I didnt want to wait that long and let any damage be permanent, then they cant fix you....