Got back from Disneyland with constant spasms taking place along the left tricep, underarm area, leading into the pins & needles that proceeded to my thumb, index & middle fingers. Chiro and massuese helped the spasms to stop but my pins and needles and numbness continue and actually have worsened in the last two days to the point where I barely feel the index finger now. My GP took xrays and told me about the c5-c6 disc narrowing, bone spurs and enlargement and also said there's no curve in the neck, like someone who's had whiplash. I'm on diclofenac, 50 mg as needed up to 3 times daily, but it doesn't really help much. Chiro, who initially saw me says it's like looking at bones of 60 yr old, I'm 45. (I've lifted quadriplegics allot over the years (1999-2007) but stopped 3 yrs ago and have mainly worked with other physically & behaviourally challenged individuals. Chiro says it's my work. Knee surgeon said the same about my knees, moderate arthritic condition found while he did the debridment surgery last Christmas.) MRI waitlist could take up to 6 months or more here in BC and is the next step before traction and surgery, according to my gp, if my chiro & yoga don't bring feeling back to the left fingers. I'm afraid of permanent nerve damage in the meantime, how long before that can happen? Is yoga the only thing that I can do? Only seeing chiro every other wednesday due to work demands but thinking I'll need to step up my appts and perhaps add in the physio. Feedback?