Hello. Something happened this morning, and we are both kind of scared, despite the low low probability of it happening.

My girlfriend and I took a shower together. We had lathered ourselves with soap and I guess things got a little excited. She gave me a blowjob and I came on her chest. She got up from kneeling and I was interested to see how similar the semen looked to the water flowing down, so I tapped a drop of semen with my right index finger (just for fun). Afterwards, I immediately used the showerhead and my right hand to rinse down the semen, and I'm worried that this may have rinsed the semen to be in contact with the vagina. From climax to rinsing, this took maybe 15 seconds. I cleaned my penis with my right hand, rinsing both that and my finger off. A few minutes later, while still in the shower, I fingered her, starting from the clit, and then I used both my right index and middle finger to go into her opening. I know that the chances are pretty unlikely and that the sperm would have probably died by then, but I'm being paranoid that I could have inserted some that were stuck in my nails or caught on her pubic hair this way. We did not have intercourse. She is on the 13th day of her cycle and my guess is that she will begin ovulating soon.

1. How likely is it that the semen washed down would be able to enter her vagina?

2. How likely is it that my fingering had caused some sperm to enter?

I realize that my inability to determine this is a sure sign of my incompetence, and we are agreeing to hold off any sexual activity for a while, but any answers right now would be appreciated. Thank you.