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My gf and I was playin in the shower,  She HJ me like 8 hours ago and i didnt wiped it off i just let it dried(i think i touched it with my right hand, and when we woke up , we decided to shower together and I first shampooed my hair then rinsed it, then I fingered her for like 6-10 sec with the same hand that touched my sperm, after minute my penis is below her vagina touching it i can feel the her pubic hair while in a hot shower(No Ejaculation and Penetration happened), Could she be prego? or pre-cum might touched her vagina? or could the hot water rinsed my pre cum or killed the sperm in my pre cum? HELP ME PLEASE!, IM FREAKING OUT! in the past 2 days..


and i think it was the last day of her period*