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My girlfriend and I just had sex. We used a condom as always. The condom broke somewhere towards the end of the session. We went really hard for the last few seconds, and when I pulled out before I came (like we always to do be safe), it shot everywhere. I am almost positive it was the first shot of semen. We checked it a couple of times as we switched positions and it was fine, so it had to break at the end. I am almost positive none got in her bc the first shot is the longest and it went very far plus I didn't feel it until that first one some I'm sure it was out of her. But is there any chance that some came out beforehand? We are extremely worried bc it is scary to have it break. She's supposed to get her period within the week. Someone please help thank you.


Hi Mike,

There is always a chance of pregnancy.  Precum is considered not to contain sperm if you have not recently ejaculated - as in since the last time you urinated.

If you hadn't recently ejaculated and pulled out in time then it's unlikely.

The good news, if she expect her period within the week then it is VERY unlikely she'd get pregnant anyways.  The timing is poor.  She's at her lowest fertility.  Normally she'd ovulate between days 11 and 16 of her cycle, day 1 is when her period starts.  48 hours after ovulation the egg isn't viable.  Since you say "within the week" she's about day 21 or so of her cycle.

Hope it helps.