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me and my gf were playing with each other today, were both still virgins, and only the tip of my penis went inside her vagina, well not all of my tip went in, with no sperm. maybe jus little amount of liquid, or semen. and she took a shower right after we stopped playing with each other, and washed her vagina. she told me she was getting cramps and that her vagina was in pain later in the day, because this happened in the morning around 9 or 10am, was it just normal pain because of both being virgins and the tip going in because of her being tight. but i also happened to have fingered her contineous times. this was the first time we have ever done this type of sexual things. can those sexual activities we were doing be the cause of her being in pain and having cramps, and is she able to get pregnant based on what we did?


Hi Sharkie,

Yes fingering and inserting the tip of your penis could cause her some pain, Yes, while not likely she is able to get pregnant from what you did.  

Neither of you are virgins any more since you inserted the tip of your penis.

That little bit of liquid, likely precum, probably did not contain sperm if you did not ejaculate yet.  If you did, it could. 

Hope it helps.