So my period ended around the 10th of November, and I had protected sex with my boyfriend on November 17th. We were using a condom, but it broke. He pulled out right when it broke and it only had precum in it. Also, it was a spermicidal condom, so would that have killed whatever sperm might have been in the precum? He had urinated several times since he last ejaculated as well. Just to be safe, I took the morning after pill on the 19th, which was about 40 hours after the incident. I then got a very heavy period on the 23rd that lasted 5 days, but I wasn't sure if that would be considered my period or not since it was two weeks early, but I do know that plan b can mess with your menstrual cycle. It's now December 20th and I haven't had another period yet, should I be worried? I plan on taking a pregnancy test if I don't get my period this week, but any opinions or advice would be very helpful. Thank you!