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Obesity has become a great burden of modern society. Earlier it was classified only as a risk factor for various diseases, but in November 2013 the American Heart Association advised physicians to consider obesity a disease. That statement resulted from summarized evidence that a large number of diseases (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, metabolic, etc) are strongly related to obesity. Many programs have been developed specifically to treat obesity as a disease. One of them is Dr Cohen's 1st Personal Diet.


Dr Rami Cohen is a world-renowned medical expert in the field of nutrition. He specialized cardiology and then obstetrics and gynecology with a main focus on infertility treatment. During his clinical work, he noticed that obese women had a higher risk of infertility and started to investigate ways to manage obesity. He developed a personalized 12-week weight loss program called Dr Cohen's 1st Personal Diet which he implemented in his clinics all over the globe. The program is also available online.

Weight Loss Program Details

Dr Cohen's 1st Personal Diet is designed to address obesity as a disease which stems from hormonal imbalances. As some foods have the ability to change production and activity of certain hormones, the idea of this program is to make meals using particular foods that can affect the appropriate hormones. This diet focuses mainly on three hormones: insulin, serotonin, and growth hormone. Dr Cohen claims that his diet balances the levels of these three hormones, thus optimizing weight loss.

In order to engage in this program, you are required to do a blood test for specific metabolic parameters, such as liver enzymes, glucose levels, and lipids. You can do the required blood test at your local biochemical laboratory. After you send the results to the program managers, they will be examined by the doctors, who will then create a personalized diet plan and send it to you with all the necessary instructions. The cost of the service is US$ 249.

After the target weight is reached, you enter the so-called "re-feeding Program", which is supposed to gradually include some foods that were excluded from the first phase of the diet. This second part of the program is very important in order to avoid weight cycling or a yo-yo effect.


Persons with certain medical conditions should not participate in this diet. They include diabetic patients, pregnant women, children under the age of 15, elderly people aged over 62, and patients with heart conditions.

Adverse effects

Patients have not reported serious side effects from this diet. All the complaints were temporary and disappeared after an adjustment. The most commonly reported side effects included: headache, tingling, nervousness, and constipation.

Individuals who participated in Dr Cohen's 1st Personal Diet reported significant weight loss during the 12-week period and were usually very satisfied with the results. In addition, this treatment plan advises you to continue your usual level of physical activity, which means that you don't need to start exercising if you do not exercise already. Although your laboratory findings are checked by medical professionals involved in this program, you should still visit your doctor to check if the diet program is suitable for you.

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