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ok so, im 18 and my girlfriend is 20. we have never used protection since the first time we had sex. her last cycle was 32 days and we had unprotected sex 2 days ago which was day 17 and i ejaculated inside her. twice. not on purpose. and on top of that she was ovulating....... her vaginal mucus was white-ish and very stringy and slimey. im pretty freaked out cause i usually pullout but this time was different and i couldnt stop. So realistically, what are the chances of her being pregnant??? 


Hi Jammer,

The odds are about 1 in 5.  That's what they are when everything is "perfect" - which they were.

Plan B - NOW would be a good option.  It's very effective up to 72 hours and less so up to 120 hours.

Hope it helps.