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hellow i have been having problems i am 23 years of age.. i like working out gym lifting weights.. playing football.. i have asthma before when i was young.. now the problem is that my left nose it feels blocked and some times switches to my right.. and my left side of throat feels blocked yet i can breath and my hart feels as if it can't get any oxygen in, i can breath out but when i breath in it feels as if no oxygen flowing to the hart and my lungs feel like its blocked i have had this problem for few months the doctor keeps saying its asthma and change of weather but i have been using my pump i dont weez or any sign of asthma, n they said it could be anxiety but no test.


I am not sure if it could be polyps in your nasal. I think that you have some fluids running down from back of your nose into your lung. Look at inside back of your nose to see if you have a white bump. Use your flashlight. If you found it, then it caused a food allergy or dust allergy.

Does it happen to you when you had a hard time to swallow your food or even taking a pill?

If yes, then you have a sinus inflammation. Generally, not enough sleep you need 8 hours of sleep, poor nutrients, and allergic to food/dust. High Fruit Corn Syrup is the worst of all, and it is really bad for your health no matter what you think of it. Most sodas has it and some foods has it. Learn and understand the food ingredients including the shampoos and soaps.

High Fruit Corn Syrup is bad.

Aluminum is also bad. Food aluminum is a well-known for Alzheimer's disease. The aluminum flow around in your blood stream that move into your brain vessels and stuck there forever. All restaurants have big aluminum pots and bowls in the kitchen for cooking.

Unfamiliar and strange ingredients you need to avoid. Avoid fake sugars (aspartame). Avoid diet label on packages and cans. Diet is not true... it makes you really fat.

Best if you buy your food packages that have a fewer and familiar good ingredients.

It is the best thing for us to buy organic foods. A big Monstano Company illegally sells 90 percent of food that has Generic Engineering Food (or GM) in our country. It designed to kill bugs on the farms, but we are eating our food from that stuff at a regular food market.