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Those people who are into natural living and alternative medicine always say that rye bread is the best type of bread out there and that other breads are not as healthy as rye bread. I wanted to know if that is right, or whether rye bread perhaps has some side effects as well? If rye bread does have side effects, what are they?


We must avoid High Fruit Corn Syrup (HFC) and aluminum on the food ingredient. Most food products have HFC so it is the best way for you always read the ingredients before you buy at any stores - including health food stores. A fewer and familiar names are on the ingredients, then it's better. Some organic breads and organic rye breads are better. Again, a fresh rye bread is good as long as the ingredients are good.

Actually, I use flour tortillas most of time. You know most breads contain wheat. The flour tortillas also contain wheat. I think that some spelt breads contains wheat. A rice bread is just alright. I usually eat something with a big lettuce as an alternative bread - it is great. I would say that a gluten-free bread is better. Believe me, if the bread package tells you that it is a diet or low-fat, then it is really a BS. In case you see a label that says "Diet", then it is not healthy at all because it contains aspartame. Asapartame is another name for a fake sugar. The fake sugar still make people fat no matter what.

There is another issue that you need to know about Generically Modified Food as GM. This is a very big problem. Monsanto Company in the United States is selling them to several food manufacturers around the world, and it is still illegally as a dirty business between the congress and some manufacturers. The Monasto has many secret formulas that used from the round-up chemicals in order to kill bugs in the crops, and we are eating that in our food. One time, the U.S. manufacturer sent largest amount of corn seeds to Africa. Many African communities turned it down and shipped it back to the manufacturer. I do not remember what happen after that. That was in 1980's. The company explored variety of food such as well-known for corn, rice, wheat, and more. Recently, I read an article that some groups of lawyers are finally brought up and they are suing the company big time this year. Again, the Monsanto company has no right to keep it so secret without our knowledge. Why the farmers are still using that round-up chemical on their farm? It's because many uneducated farmers made a terrible mistake to contract with the Monsanto because of the fine prints that the farmers cannot sue the company for a lifetime. Of course, the Monsanto legally can sue them if they reveal the information to the public. They are forced to buy it and use it on their farm - That one I do not understand. Many farmers said that the original corns were much more delicious than with GM corns - it was on the TV news a few years ago - a few farmers took the risk to tell about it.