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My boyfriend and I had Oral sex today and upon his Ejaculation he had severe Chest and Head Pain.

He said he felt "winded" in his chest. It continued a little bit after Ejaculation. This has never happened before.

He was just laying on his back maybe leaning to one side a little.
Can awkward positioning cause something like that while he is Ejaculating?
(maybe from his muscles straining?)

He said it felt like there was too much blood rushing, and his heart was beating out of his chest while the pain subsided.

Ive never heard of this before and I don't see a Topic on this already in the forums,

Does anyone have some insight as to what this might be?!
As I said this has never happened before... and I'm a little freaked out.

Please any feedback would be great.



How old is your boyfriend? Does he have a cardiac history? I'd also ask if he was using any drugs, prescription or otherwise?

I don't think it was caused by the position.

If he had severe chest pain he should see his doctor immediately. There could be some underlying condition that he's not aware of.

Good luck, let us know what happens.


Hi medic Dan my bf is 27 he's had ecgs came back normal.. he has the same issue with dizziness also... I'm so worried and his go doesn't seem interested


Gp* he also sometimes gets swollen sore balls and on ejaculation doesn't always come out properly