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basics: 23 year old female, obese.

Medications: propranolol 40mg, citalopram, omeprazole. Also started coq10 and omega 3 supplements a few days ago. 

It started out back in March. But I wasn't feeling well for a few months previously. I started having problems eating, feeling like I was suffocating. In December I had a random burst of sickness, sweating and a sensation of wanting to vomit. Yet it passed and I was hit with chills all over immediately after.

In March I had a suffocating attack for no reason at all. I was taken to emergency in a daze. Like a fog or heavy cloud was in my head. This lasted days. I couldn't snap out of it. I started exercising and changed my diet until I started a few weeks later getting sharp throbbing pains and severe left hip pain. (Hospital worthy pain like I was dying which would happen at any given time)

It happened several times after that one hospital incident. I've been to hospital a few times. One stay for positive d-dimer. I was in there 5 days (May) with awful chest pain and in a daze and just a terrible state (looked fine on the outside). I had a CT of my lungs which was clear. 

That's when I started getting severe chest pain again after hospital, which lasted hours (initially). The pain was so severe I'd cry most nights. (One night in June I was in severe agony in my chest all through the night)

In May I started getting "jolts" in my chest which happened mostly at resting state. Along with strange body aches and pains.

In June my health decreased. I'd say that's when my heart rhythm became noticeable. My heart rhythm is constantly changing second to second.

Symptoms from June Onwards: 

* I have burning chest pain which can be relieved with omeprazole, and I have chest pain regardless anyway, which no pain killers or anything can help.

* Suffocating sensations in my heart, which are usually with an erractic pulse exactly where I'm feeling the suffocating. I feel dizzy and like I'm dying every time it happens. These sensations last seconds but they are frightening. The suffocating makes me feel very dizzy briefly as well.  These are the worst sensations 

* Random sensations where I feel along with them like I'm "slipping away" or dying

* "Booms" in my chest which can "correct" my jolts in my chest. It always feels strange and I feel an odd sense of calm when it happens.

* Sharp or tearing chest pain.

* Feeling "liquid" or "ooze" turning over my chest. Sometimes slow dripping as well. This can move if I move. This is very uncomfortable. 

* Drinking anything cold I feel it go down between my breasts 

* Asensation like a heart beat is moving upwards very slowly and having trouble.

* Pounding heart which shakes my body and moves up down (chest into around stomach). It can also move left to right. It shakes me internally. This is a slow beat. 

* Heart rate changing within seconds to seconds. This is all day every day. It feels like 

"Boom boom boomboomboom boomboom boom boomboom" and won't stop.

* The odd time nitroglycerin can help the jolts if they happen every few minutes. This helps me exercise a little as well.

* Heart feels like it's shaking up down left right up down left right continuously. 

* I get bursts of gas/stomach pain.

* Feeling "booms" around my chest while my pulse seems pretty normal. I hear them in my ears. These ones don't hurt.

* Sudden "jolts' which startle me. These are perhaps ectopics but they hurt a lot. The other day I had three in a row. They make my chest feel weak and tired.

* Squeezing brain pressure in any type of shop I go to. Like a brain fog or heaviness which feels very dream-like. 

* Dizziness when standing. Often feel myself falling backward if I walk anywhere. 

* Bursts of a fast heart rate for no reason. It causes chest pain as well

* Squeezing in chest most of the day. 

* I've tried an app called "cardiio" and it continuously picks up my heart rate as around 116-126. I've tried it several times and tested it on a family member who was normal. I don't feel my heart rate fast at all during the tests. 

* Resting heart rate (when I've just woken) is a constant skipped beat. Boom boom-boom boom boom-boom boom boom-boom etc

* If I exercise I get burning chest pain, and I make squealing noises from my mouth afterwards sometimes.

* Feeling different rhythmic heart rates all over (left side of chest boomboom boom and right boomboomboom-boom etc)

* Tinnitus in left ear. Past few weeks it has decreased. It has in the past, gotten louder with a heart jolt. 

* I've had random chest wall pain as well. (Touch it, it hurts). Very rarely. Comes and goes.

I've had some really weird things, like for weeks I had problems seeing with black spots, not being able to keep even water down, blacking out a little, period irregularities and things which were very disturbing which passed. I also started getting uncontrollable panic attacks for no reason. Those have passed after I took a few diazepam's weeks ago and started a new medication (citalopram). But I'm not sure if that really helped or was a coincidence. 

I really want my life back. I haven't left my house in weeks because the pain is so bad and I can't handle the constant dizziness. I've tried my doctor and others but they think I'm crazy. I've had ecg's done (when the rhythm pattern wasn't as frequent at that time, now it's 24/7) and a few chest X-rays and nothing. They just tell me to keep taking pain killers. I've tried for a Holter Monitor but had no luck. 

I suspect it's a rhythm disturbance, some heart burn and perhaps some angina. But I don't know. 


I have a few questions if you dont mind me asking.

1> How much do you weigh?

2> How is your diet from day to day? , what do you eat, etc..

3> You said you tried to exercise, are you still doing it?

I really feel for you. You have gotten Ct scan, a heart monitor, lots of medical test that say you are ok just over weight. 

You are not crazy , doctors looks at us like we are because of the same reason we go to see them for.. Once they have us labled on their system as "anxiety", i beleive they wont see us as normal anymore.

You said you also have panics/anxiety attacks/Gerd. Anxiet and panics are very similar, i use to suffer from panics, now i just suffer from anxiety and hypochondria. Its funny how they both feed into each other and cause havic.

The mind is very powerful and can cause most of the issues you are having, partly is from obviously your weight. I read a book on how to stop panic/anxiety attacks in ten steps, and i really only learned 3 main thing from it ,  1> Breath from your belly , 2> Keep your mind distracted either hanging out with friends, movies, 3> and eat healthy. Its Easier said than done.

I would sugest like many other people would, is to continue on your diet and exercise. Its hard for women to lose weight because your biology keeps the fat for pregnancy.  You could try eating about 1800 calories a day. When you feel hungry after your main course , eat an apple or pear , and WATER , water has no calories and it makes you feel full. 

Keep in touch tell us how you are doing from day to day.



My weight is about 91kg. Last checked about two months ago. I think it has gone up since then. Height is 165cm.My diet, I try to eat servings of fruit. A banana or two each day and kiwi fruit. Also trying to drink 13 glasses of water (recommended for weight) each day. I usually get to about 6 glasses I say.I eat muesli sometimes in the morning but rarely eat breakfast. Lunch is a roll with or pastrami/chicken with lettuce/carrot/cheese?.Or just crackers and tuna. Even porridge. Anything really.Dinner about the same. I get vegetables in my diet. Mostly chicken or mince 

Exercise I try in my room. Skipping, jumping jacks and squats. Not a lot I can do  my space.Today I am feeling very sore in my chest and it keeps squeezing. It makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack. I feel dizzy as well. This goes on every day. I haven't gone out of the house in about two weeks



No I haven't had a heart monitor apart from the ECGs in hospital. No Holter or anything like that,


My hormones have been everywhere. One night I was on a HIGH for hours. Next day I crashed with severe depression. I've had random panic attacks which stopped months ago, but they were dreadful and lasted hours.
I don't know what is up. I can't get any further testing like for pheochromocytoma which can cause things like what I describe. Doctor rolls his eyes, thinks I'm nuts and looking for anything wrong to test for. Partially true, yes. But what I'm going through even he said "isn't all anxiety".


I had to do a bit of converting, I'm American. So your 5 foot 4, and around 200 lbs. The mind and body can be really twisted when suffering from anxiety as I said before, you said you haven't left your room, is it because you're afraid you may die unexpectedly and there would be no one to help you to bring you back?, if that is true then you have created a safety zone. Where u feel perfectly better at home.

Pushing your self to leave little by little, will condition your brain to your fear outside your safety zone.

I my self am going throough the same anxiety and hypochondria fear, just this pass saturday i went on a mile hike, but to me it was like the bigest mountain i had to walk through.

Not exercising for over 4 years has de-condition my body to be in a week state, where i would be running out of breath. I was prepared though, i took a bunch of water and gatorade to replenish my electrolytes, and took frequent breaks in the tree cover. It was pretty hot that day, i only thought i was gonna die 8 times.

So i'm forced my self to face my fears. I think the doctors have a term for this i think its called CBT( cognitive behavoral theropy).

So the trick is to continue with your exercise like you have been doing. You have to condition to wistand the physical feelings your are going to be feeling as you lose your weight.

Count your calories too its very important that you do. When i ment My Ex, she was 365 lbs thats 166 Kg and she was about 5 foot 9 or so (177cm) by the time we split she had lost half her wait, it wasnt easy for her, again because women tend to keep the fat incase of pregnancy. She counted he calories and only injested about 1800 calories a day, and she rode a stationary bike for 3 to 5 miles( 4 to 8 Km) a day, sometimes she would just ride for 40 minutes straight.

Any chance can you take a friend with you to exercise? Some times you need some company to make thing less stressful.


No, no chance of friend unfortnately.
I emailed the free doctor for a holter. She will not return respond. Typical..

I managed to get out. I felt ok enough to handle it today.
Past few hours the pain has increased. Just burns and burns and burns and feels like it's tearing. Feel this is killing me.
Feel stuff moving around my chest as usual. Heart rhythm is everywhere. Basically want to die because life is so not worth living.


The burn you are feeling are you feeling it in your stomach?, Chest?
that maybe Acid Re-flux, We get that when we tend to worry a lot(panic, generalized anxiety disorder). You are going to have to try super hard to accept that its happening and try super hard to distract you self. Then you later you will see that indeed it is your mind playing trick on you. But i know its really hard to do. I still my self still am going through it but forcing my self to distract my self.
I have to say i too when i became a anxiety person then developed hypochondria, i payed so much attention to every little tick, bump, sound, in my body and then immediately thought of the worst.

I remember when i saw my psych doctor on my last visit. He said very bluntly. "What are you afraid of?" i said of dying of having a heart attack through my panic attacks. Then he said "when you time comes, your time comes and you would not be able to do anything about it, its going to be like that for everyone on this planet" When i got home that night i thought over what he said, and some how that clicked and that same day i stopped having panic attacks. I guess i accepted it and moved on.
But my generalized anxiety is still with me and so is my hypochondria . and i am trying super hard to face my fears everyday to get through it.
And im sure you will too. You have to believe that whatever you are doing to beat this is working for you.


She replied today. She won't admit she can't order a holter. Just says to change doctor.

Today I went to the kitchen and my heart went nuts. I felt on the peak of death. It felt right at thst peak I was about to collapse or die. I hate it when it gets that bad. I took 3 glasses of water to help.

An hour or so later I tried exercising and for some reason I could exercise quite a lot more than I could before! Wtf? After I exercised I felt so short of breath and it was terrible. It got tighter at one point and It was frightening. I just couldn't catch my breath. I've never had it that bad before,

I feel very tired and my head hurts all the time

My chest is still sore and squeezing and my chest continues to pound and pound and throb, best crazily... Ache and everything I can list.


Wow, ive never heard of a doctor dismissing people like that before. You should definitely change doctors and maybe file a complaint againts that person. Definitely get your heart checked out by any means possible, now if on ever test they do and you get back as cleared, the. Try hard to not find something physically wrong and focus on your breathing and weight loss.


How are you doing so far?


Quite clearly you are suffering from an overactive thyroid. Change doctors and get help. You are not having panic attacks but palpitations due to hyperthyroidism. Insist on comprehensive thyroid tests. All your symptoms are text book trust me.