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Hi I got into car accident about four days I was a passenger of a SUV when we suddenly hit a tree and I flew out threw the windshield but my chest hurts every time I move or breath and what should I do


Go to the ER and report your pains immediately, if not call 911 (or similar in your area).  You could have broken ribs, you could have any number of internal damage that is causing this that needs to be addressed ASAP.  You need an XRay, CT Scan or MRI so that your chest area can be evaluated for the pain that you are having - I hope you do not have a punctured lung but as I said it could be broken ribs.


Belt on for safety - were you not wearing your seatbelt? 


Hope you will be OK.  Post back with what is going on.  Thanks, good luck



Hi Charles,

Please tell me that you've already seen a doctor after the accident.

You can expect to be sore after any type of accident especially one that threw you out the window.  You likely sprained/strained muscles.  There can be soft tissue injuries.  Often you don't notice these things just afterwards due you adrenalin.

If you have not seen a doctor, please do. 

If you are having any difficulty breathing, feeling lightheaded, or dizzy then seek emergency medical attention.

It can take some time for the pain to subside.