over a year ago my doctor told me that i should lose weight so i started an exercise regimen. Things started to go well, then about 2 months into the programme i started to feel pain in my right side and the upper portion of my right side under the rib cage. I had a thorough check up along with various test and all of the test came back negative. Then last august i suddenly took ill and checked into the emergency room and i immediately underwent appendicitis surgery. shortly therefter the pain in my right breast bone and upper right abdomen intesified then i noticed that the right side of my abdomen is larger than the left side and it appears swollen but it is not painful to the touch but it is paining me inside constantly. i recalled that in 2003 i was diagnosed with duodenal ulcer but it healed and it never bothered me but last year i was treated for h pylori bacteria. I am wondering what is the reason or possible reason for the swelling and the pains as my doctor says it is gas?