hey there, about 8 months ago i was told that i had stomach and duodenal ulcers, and gastritis, i was given medicine and finished them, recently i've noticed that i have pain in my upper right abdomen, its like a stabbing pain that gets worst sometimes when i take deep breaths or if i burp, i also feel lower back pain at night sometimes, i've been feeling out of it, i get chest pain on my left side but its local sometimes i get it on the right side, not a serious pain but its just there sometimes, i get it before or after or when ever, ive also feel spaced out or like am gonna have a heart attack any moment, my pulse goes up and i freak out, i try to relax but it doesn't do much, am just wondering what could it be? i went to the ER twice and had the basic test plus a catscan of the stomach and nothing came up, i was told i had a fatty liver from my doc but he didn't seem too concerned.

info:21 male, overweight but ive been losing weight, not physically active much,
symptoms: upper right abdomen stabbing pain when taking a deep sometimes or when i burp, spaced out or not into it, light chest pains once in a while