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Seeking medical advice: For the past month, I have had terrible trouble eating (some days are OK, others not so much). I am experiencing sharp pain on my right side under my rib cage, and often in the middle of my sternum. Some days I wake up and instantly feel an insanely full feeling accompanied by right side pain and a sickness to my stomach. The pain can be so sharp that I get a shortness of breath feeling. On these days in particular, I stick to water, tea and fruits. Even that tends to make me nauseous on the worst of days. I've lost about 8 lbs in the past couple weeks. There have been a few episodes of "attacks", where it feels like someone is punching me in the stomach repeatedly, and right side pain shoots to right backside. But no fever or vomiting. I've had an ultrasound, CT scan, HIDA scan, & upper endoscopy, but all have come back normal ( I think, still waiting to hear results of Celiacs test). I was prescribed pain meds to get rid of right side pain. I had a bad day today. I ate a Greek yogurt and some roasted eggplant (I know, this is nothing, but all of this is accompanied by severe loss of appetite), and now tonight I feel like I want to die. I could not go to volleyball practice because my right side pain is unbearable. I cannot live my life like this. I am low on energy and unable to do normal exercise routine. I am still convinced it is my gallbladder. Has anyone experienced or known anyone who has experienced something similar? Are there any surgeons willing to yank a gallbladder out without an abnormal test? 



You’ll obviously need to get the second opinion from the gastroenterologist, if only to see is your gallbladder what's causing you all these problems. Pain in the right side of the abdomen is most commonly caused by gallbladder or liver problems, but it can also be causes by other conditions such as peptic ulcers or hernia. Since your HIDA scan was OK, chances are gallbladder might not be directly causing the pain. However, you might also want to do a test for Helicobacter pylori - if you haven't done that yet. this bacteria attacks the lining of your stomach, making it more likely you'll develop acid and/ or bile reflux, as well as peptic ulcer.

Also, did you have an ultrasound to check for kidney stones? One of the most recognizable signs of kidney stone pain sounds just like you described - right side pain, shooting to the back.

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