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i got my brothers x-ray result the findings is:

there is suspicious densities in upper left lobe.

No heart enlargement.

The other chest structure are unusual. 

What does it means?


Hello jhen,

first part - suspicious densities in upper left lobe means that there is something in the upper left lobe of your brother's lung. What exactly is it depends on number of factors - changes might be due to infection like tuberculosis or pneumonia, inflammation, lung cancer, sarcoidosis... It's hard to say what caused this x-ray result without knowing more about your brother's medical history. What was the reason he was sent to do an x-ray?

The good news is that his heart is not affected in any way. But it's not clear what it means that his chest structure is unusual.



sorry.. i have a mistake in the findings this the diagnosis.

Suspicious densities are noted in the left upper lobe.

The heart is not enlarged.

Other included chest structures are not unusual. 

what does it mean of chest structure are not unusual?