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Involved with my boyfriend has a son 5 a step daughter 9 that sleep in the bedroom with him. I want to take it too the next level but I think this is weird my two kids have not slept with me since age 3 which are now 6 and 11 I don't understand. He actually rocks them to sleep. They are old enough to put themselves to bed. We I do stay over he wants me to sleep with all of them I am not their mother and one child is not really his I think this is not right. Do you think I am wrong for thinking this?


Children over 3-4 year shall sleep in their own beds. It is not normal for adults to share beds with children. What will happen when you and your bf shall have sex?Shall the kids sit and watch? 

My opinion about this is that they shall have their own beds. So you must tell your bf how you will it shall be. If he still want to share bed with children, maybe you must think twice about the relationship. Merry Christmas