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Hi. Im 16 years old and my parent drinks alcohol, in my opinon, a little too much. He drinks more than a liter almost everyday. When I've tried to talk to him about how much he drinks, he aviods the whole topic and changes the conversation. My mom says that I cant tell anyone that my dad drinks or that he falls down alot. Its like this huge secret that my mom thinks will destroy our family name, even though its already destroyed. The tv is always on full volume and I think thats either one of the side effects, or he is just getting old. I am getting tired of living like this. It feels like my dad doesnt care about my opinon anymore. I know that probably no one will answer this, I just need to get this out of my system.


Hi Hollie,
I can remember as far back to the age of 4. I was raised by alcoholics.
My mom had me out of wedlock at the age of 16. I was a product of over stimulated hormones in the back seat of a 56 Chevy.
All i remember is drinking. Morning noon and night. My moher was a big drinker and was never around to raise me, tho she claimed her address was the same as mine. She would pop in on occasion with various boyfriends, and only slept at home when she had no man.
My grandmother brought me up, God rest her sole, but she was a raging alcoholic as well.
I remember the police at our house all the time. My grandparents would fight (physically) and my gram was always taken away in the ambulance.
When i saw her the next day, her face would be black and blue with bruises on her body as well.
I would stay in my bedroom and listen for hours to my record player (i know, i am older) i would take the small table speakers and hold them up to my ears like a head set, just to drowned out the yelling and screaming.
My gram would pee in my closet, she thought she was in the bathroom.
She would rock my dolls in her arms at night. I was so young, but the memories are so fresh, still.
My great grand father would molest me when he was babysitting me, and a few of my mom's boyfriends would lay on top of me, no one listened to me.
As i got older, i would plot a way to leave. Heck where was i going? But i think the saddest thing of all was watching a bunch of staggering fools lay out my Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. I would open my presents all alone on Christmas morning because they were either not home yet or just to drunk to get out of bed.
This continued my whole young life, and by the time i was 16 i was pregnant. I had an abortion. I got pregnant again at 17, had another abortion. Pregnant again at 19, got married.

I understand exactly what you are dealing with. There are so many avenues that you can take to help you thru this. It is painful and it hurts, i know. You can go to A A meetings for your benefit. If your mom won't listen to you, take control of yourself. Find things to do out side of home. Get a ton of hobbies, get a part time job, do volunteer work. This will take up time and put your mind on something else. Don't spin the other way like i did. In my day, i did not know about all the programs that were out there for me, of course there was not much to offer then.
Living with alcoholics is terrible. Seeing your parents slobbering drunk and falling all over the place is a picture that you just can't delete from your thoughts.
But there are teens in your situation, for sure. Just check into these meetings, they will help you, a lot. You can share stories and other experiences with kids your own age. You will see that your not alone and you can talk out your problems and fears with people your own age. There is always a moderator on hand for support as well.
Just know that you can not fix mom and dad. So don't try. Worry about yourself, but still maintain your love for your parents. Keep your grades up in school, plan on college, and make something of yourself. Be the best you can be, and just know that their problem is not yours.