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Well. . . .I was at a party a few days ago and we were playing truth or dare. I'm 15, and my friend dared me to touch my bf's penis, (Note i've never done tht before or anything) so i grab it with my right hand for maybe 4 seconds.So afterwards I have to pee so i go into the bathroom and my vagina kinda itches so i scratch it with the RIGHT hand. (I maybe went a few centameters in not really IN but just enough to cover the white crest on my pinky-finger's nail.)


So i remember I touched his penis with that hand and I was getting really freaked out because you know how teenager boys masterbate in their free time so I was worried that maybe before I touched it he masterbated and some was leftover on his penis and some got on my hand and when I scratched down-there with my pinky that the leftover *** got into me.


I didn't feel anything wet but I can't really remember too well because it was a long night and we were all up 'till like 4:30 and slept ALL day the next day because we were that tired.So i'm really scared. (idk if its my anxiety / OCD / paranoia acting up)  but I'm mad worried because I don't write down my periods and I don't think I've had it for a few weeks (my perspection on time is really bad)


Also I was getting changed on my friends bed (he wasn;t there) and I didn't have panties on (and once again you know how boys are, they masterbate in their beds sometimes) so I'm worried that maybe when I sat naked on my bed with my exposed vagina touching the bed that he might have came there sometime and that it might have gotten into me or on the hairs and when I wiped to pee later tht night i might have pushed it farther in. (Once again I dont think the sheets were wet at all but Im not sure I was too tired the next morning to remeber small details)


Also that night I slept in the same bed with him (we both had our clothes on, and I had on Yoga pants and pajama pants) and we were sitting cuddling (like we has behind me and kinda spooning I guess) The only reason who I would be concerned because I learned in heath guys ejaculate in their sleep and he was pressed close against me while we were cuddling / sleeping and I'm thinking that he ejaculated in his sleep and it went through my pants and into my vagina that way. AND I woke up with a white stain on my long sleeve pajama shirt (It looked like mashed potatoes and was dry) and idk if it was *** or food cuz I wear that top alot.


And, I sleep on my side with my hands in between my upper thighs near my panties (idk why its just compfy for me) so maybe idk but if I had dry / wet *** on my hands / fingers and slept like tht COULD I get pregnant??


Also: I've been having alot of discharge lately (I usually have a large amount daily tho) But idk if thats a sign that my period is coming soon or what. . . Cuz the morning after we spooned in bed / touched his penis I woke up with some "discharge" in my panties and i wasn't sure if that was discharge or that if he came in my panties while I was sleeping . . . Idk im just REALLY stressed.


Quick Note: NO penatration took place. Not while i was awake, and if I was sleeping and he tried . . I would feel it right?? I don't think he'd do that to me, but I would feel it right?? I asked him if he did and he said he didn't, and idk if he's lying or just doesnt rememeber or if he's teeling the truth. AND i didnt wake up feelibg sore down there (I've heard u kinda feel sore after penatration)So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me I'm stressing out SOOOO much that I almost threw up and I started crying once. . . .TT^TT

Also yeah the only "penatration" that took place was the tip of my pinky that got in my vagina while i was stratching it. (And im worried *** may have gotten on it from me grabing his thing for those few seconds) :c

and i read that sperm can live outside the penis for hours / days so if there was some dried / a very little, un-detectable amount on my pinkie then could it be alive???sorry i keep adding details but I'm feeling sick to my stomach just thinking about it

and i heard a story about this girl who had a bf who masterbated and then fingered her right afterwards and she got pregnant by the *** coated fingers . . .so thats kinda bugging me too


I don't think you could get pregnant from that, i have heard that sperm die when exposed to air, for example if he did cum in his bed the sperm die after a while, as well as if you touched his penis i highly doubt (if there was any sperm) it could still be alive by the time you went to the restroom. My best advice is don't stress out! this can cause you to get your period late. Trust me i know how you feel, i used to be like that too, but i learned from searching in the internet. So don't stress! :)