Like an id**t, I took my evening meds all at once( I do this a lot with no problem) last night they all lodged in my throat and I began choking. No air...couldn't swallow water. I panicked and began trying to gag and throw up to dislodge them...I stuck my finger down my throat and kept trying. Finally 1 came out and I could get a little air. I continued trying to throw up the pills and after about 3-4 minutes the rest seemed to go down. I noticed there was a very small amount of blood in my saliva.My throat is very sore and I have what feels like a lump inside my throat ( same place the pills were lodged the most) Its keeping my mouth filling with saliva and I keep feeling like it's pushing my gag reflex. Is it possible there is still a pill there? It's been 12 hours. Should I check with a doc to make sure I didn't permanently damage my throat?