I underwent a total hip replacement in April of 2013. My recover was uneventful and went well with physical therapy and exercise. Three months following, in July, I started to experience severe pain in my left thigh - running from my hip to my knee. I saw my surgeon who said just to rest it and apply heat twice daily. Four days later within two hours my leg had swollen three times its size with such extreme pain I couldn't stand on it. I was transferred to the hospital where the next night I underwent emergency surgery for acute compartment syndrome. I was told before the surgery that because 24 hours had elapsed from the onset to surgery he didnt have alot of hope he would be able to save my leg, and that it was possible that I could even bleed out in surgery. I did recover, spent 8 days in the hospital. Althouh continue, 7 months later to have pain in my leg and weakness every day. He said that could be permnent. What could have caused this horrible complication 3 months post hip surgery?