Hi Just want some advice from anyone with the same or similar problems I had compartment syndrome testing in 2014 and ended up having fasciotomies on both legs the same year. My pain got better and I was able to play a full season of football the next year until the pain returned. I then had another fasciotomy on both legs. I felt this didn't change much. My legs constantly felt tight and sore when I would stand around or even at work my legs ache and my ankles would get fat as well. Even 12 months after the surgery these symptons continued.

3 weeks ago I had a fasciectomy on both legs where they removed strips of fascia and also took out scar tissue. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this surgery done and might have had similar symptoms to me and if it helped them all. As you can imagine I am extremely nervous about this operation. If this doesn't work I have no idea what to do I may have to quit my job as I can't bear the pain at work. Thanks in advance any help would be greatly appreciated