Hi everyone,
I'm not a first time runner, I've been running for five years or so. A year ago I decided to quit running to pursue rowing. In rowing, all power application is through the heels, so there is not that much use of calves and shins. I'm taking a short break and cross training. A week ago when I started running again, I was surprised to find that I could not run more than 10 minutes, whether at an eight minute mile pace or a five minute mile pace. My calves seem to have become extremely weak and it is painful to run more than two miles. Additionally, I my high school xc coach told me that my stride is too long and I'm landing on my heel causing whiplash on the muscles by my shins. I hope no one else has had this problem, but if so do you have any suggestions? In particular, does anyone know any exercises to increase calf and shin strength?