I found out I had Chronic Exertional Compartment syndrome in July and had surgery (fasciotomy) on August 29th, 2016. 

Since surgery, (mid December 16-present) I've been having rolling muscle spasms just above my ankle where they made the incision and where the initial hernia was. The spasms are a little painful and feel like a Charlie horse, but not as much pain. About a week ago, I noticed another bulge just above my ankle, maybe a 1/2 inch lower than the 1st hernia. I'll occasionally have short  "spikes" of pain in that area and occasional numbness. The surface of my skin on my scar is numb (expected), but the numbness I'm speaking of is around my muscle...similar to the numbness I felt when I lost sensation in my foot while running. 

I notice the spasms/cramps only when I'm laying down or resting my legs. I'll get the numbness when I'm sitting.

Has anyone experienced this?  Or have any idea if this is normal? Any advice/input is appreciated.