Okay, so I'm a new-ish runner. I've done it on & off for a couple of years, but for the past few months, I've gotten more serious w/ it, especially now that I have a running buddy and we do a 5k every month. Well...I kept thinking that I had shin splints but it wasn't in my shins (the front area of my lower legs).

When I run I get a sharp, constant pain on the inside of both of my lower legs...and it feels like my calves are tight and it feels like it's burning (kind of like when you overuse your muscles during strength training). And when my friend was helping stretch my calves out, my legs were shaking like crazy like I had just done a bunch of leg exercises. After about 30 min after I run, it goes to a dull achey pain to being fine if I put an icyhot patch on it or take an ibuprofen. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone even know what it is? Help please!

The pain gets so bad during the run that it makes me feel like I want to curl up in a ball...sometimes I even have to cut my run (which turns into a slow walk) way short.

I do stretch, but usually after I warm up. When I'm in pain I have to stop every half of a mile or so and stretch different ways to get rid of some of the pain. I do have shoes fitted from a local shoe store...love them too. They are new, but I've broken them in. Where the pain is, it's hard to explain. It is in my calves...they are tight and hurt a little, but that's not the base of the pain. Where it reallllly hurts is the side of my lower legs...on the inside. I hate to be so vague, but I'm not sure how to explain it. It feels like the muscle beside my shin bone though. I don't think it's achilles tendonitis though, none of my symptoms line up with it.

And I do leg workouts. I haven't for a while, but right now I'm doing P90X so I get some workouts in in pretty much every DVD I do. And I think I'm considered to have high arches. When I got my new Mizunos they didn't check my gait or anything because I was checked before I got the last pair.

If anyone has any ideas, please help. This is very frustrating and I have another 5k in a few weeks. Thanks in advance!