I just recently started running again.

Anyway, I was running in some normal old tennis shoes and landing heel first. This seemed to work my upper calves, which are already pretty strong so there wasn't much strain.

I bought some new running shoes the other day, which drastically influence my stride by comparison and have me land on the mid to fore foot when my foot comes down. Not only did these shoes seem to make me run 1.5x my normal pace, they literally caused me to overwork the upper soleus muscle.

I had to stop running after about a mile and a half because of the pain in the muscle. The odd thing is that the pain is able the size of a .22 bullet in both legs, exact same location in the soleus muscle. I took yesterday off and the pain has generally subsided.

I presume that this pain is caused by the change in stride and just that little area of muscle not being worked as much as it was before. I have "normal" arches and

Anyway, I don't want to completely rule out the shoe though, so I'm willing to accept any opinions on the situation if you will kindly give them.