:'( I am a NON smoker. Okay, so strep was ruled out months ago. Then a Dr. said I have allergies, Rx prescribed with nasal spray. Not working. I go back to a different Dr. who sees a nasal polyp, orders a CT scan. The scan shows I have a small polyp, deviated septum, and sinus infection. They said the polyp is too small to be effecting me and the deviated septum shouldn't be the problem, either. They recommend I see an ENT (I already made the appt with them earlier that day and now have to wait 3 weeks to get in). I looked up signs and symptoms of a sinus infection, other than chronic sore throat and cough I don't fit the description. It only hurts on my left side, especially when I swallow or try to drink warm liquids. Tea doesn't help, neither does gargling warm salt water. I use a humidifier with menthol drops every night, doesn't really help. Unless I'm sucking on a cough drop every second of every day I cough. I cough to the point of throwing up. I work at a call center as a receptionist, I need my voice! I drink at least a gallon of water a day, I'm always parched. Nobody has been able to figure me out and I am SO desperate!! Please, can anybody give me any suggestions? I read about a throat spray that is supposed to help, but I am seeking a PERMANENT solution.
Thank you. I appreciate any comments or ideas.