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My Dr. told me this AM that I may have polups, and she is sending me to an ENT specialist.
What causes Nose Polups

Shirley abutler

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Hi! It is not known with certainty what causes nasal polyps to grow. It is suspected to appear after or from an allergy, sinus infection, deviated septum or inflammation of the lining in the inside of the nose (rhinitis).
Nasal polyps are not dangerous but if they grow to be very big, they may even cause breathing problems or decrease smell sense.
Your GP probably saw some polyps and sent you to an ENT. If it (they) is small, you may get a corticosteroid nasal spray, drops or oral tablets.
If the sprays didn’t seem to help, then a surgery may be order to have them removed. There are two ways it can be done. An ENT may use an endoscope to look into the nose and scrape the polyps but s/he may also order polyp tissue to be removed from the sinuses.
I hope everything turns out well.