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About 10 days ago I went to see my GP regarding a sore throat that was pretty bad. Basically just swollen tonsils and pain swallowing. My doctor examined me and basically said I had some sort of viral pharyngitis. He prescribed me Zithromax (5 days) and told me to wait 2 days and if the symptoms persisted to fill the prescription. Well I waited the 48 hours and the sore throat was basically gone. The I woke up the next morning and I felt as though it had spread further into the back of my throat and I developed a dry hacking type of dry cough. My throat was still basically not hurting, but by about 2 days later the sore throat came back and the cough is pretty bad. I am coughing up green phlegm and it seems as though as the day progresses the cough and sore throat worse. It has been. Filled the RX of zithromax and it seems that it did not help. I went back to see my doctor this past Wednesday and he basically just examined me again told me my lungs were clear and I did not have a fever and just prescribed me an inhaler (albuterol) and tussicaps cough pills. His instructions were the same if your not better in a few days come back. I do not want to keep going through this. It has been over a week of this now. I have the same symptoms and have not gotten any better. My tonsils seem swollen and I have a severe cough that gets worse by nightfall every day and keeps me up. Still coughing up green phlegm. Should I go see another doctor? Is it possible I have a bacterial infection that just needs a stronger longer course of anti biotic. Please advise. I am an ex-smoker that quit about year ago, and I also suffer from chronic rhinitis and take flonase nose spray daily. I do suffer from occasional tonsil stones and I do find my tonsils are particullarly foul smelling when I touch my tongue to them and to my skin the odor it leaves is brutal.



Hey there, would be interested in hearing what you ended up doing. I've had the same symptoms for over a week now and going to see a doctor today. Wouldn't want to be wasting any unnecessary money. Thanks in advance!