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I have an ongoing irritation in my throat down one side. It's almost like it a dry throat. Not that painful I guess, but irritating nonetheless!

I've had GERD for a few years and often clear my throat and cough, especially after meals and alcohol. Sometimes there is blood, particularly after heavy bouts of clearing my throat or drinking too many beers. Also I sometimes get mild ear ache.

I visited my doctor and he gave me tablets for the GERD to cut the acid in the stomach. I've also had a nasal steroid spray, but this gave me weird headaches. Usually the tablets help and the throat problem clears up but this time the tablets have just finished and I still have bit of a random pain in the throat on the same side. Thanks in advance for any replies


Hi Phil

I am having this irritant cough, throat seems like a lump somethimes as I have sinus and Post nasal drip, have done gastrocopy in Decemebr klast year, said might be silent reflux, H pylori was clear, gave me valprim 5 mg and I was getting really bad mood swings, due to this problem I get moody and upset, as I am sick and tired of this feeling, when I take a mucas cough syrup it seems to help until it comes back the next day, and I started taking it since last Friday, as I have put up with this for 1 year to be precise, going to seen another ENT as I wasnt happy with the first one as, he said that I have to correct the bone in nose as it is deviated, I have polyps or cyst, and thicking mucas, I am hoping that if I do this it will clear my problems, my Immunglobulin E serum is 1666kU/L it should be 0-200,

 See an ENT I too get a random pain back of neck and sometimes behind my left ear, feeling comes and goes, drives me insane, I do have asthma too,i just hope this rectifies my problem.  Hope you feel better, I was give zoton when I took that for GERD, dont know if I have it as I dont get a burning sensation most of the time occassional I might feel it , and I might reguriate, sometimes when I burp yuck, but I am alwys clearing my throat, with thick yuck mucas, white clear, I hope if I do this operation it will help me.  I also have this feeling like some is going down the throat on one side, the benadry for mucas cough stops the irritation, I also sometimes  feel pressure in chest area, no wheeze, but I do take my accuhaler for some relief, once a day,.  try some of the cough relief medication and see if it helps my lungs were clear the doctor said it is all to do in the throat.

Good luck and keep us posted

PS I brew a couple of slices of ginger in hot water and sip it like a tea to help with irritation and mucas, which seems to help






thanks for the reply.

I had the H pylori test and that was clear. It's been just over 3 weeks and things, thankfully, have settled down a bit. I still need to clear my throat during the day and after meals, but this has lessened.

Alcohol is what really makes my GERD worse, any more than a couple of beers and I'm back to square one.