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I am so desperate.   I realize that i have a terrible codeine addiction.  I am buying a box of 100 which only lasts me 5 days.  in the past week i have noticed that my 3 tabs at a time has increased to 5.  i am irritable and fly off the handle at the slightest thing.  today i feel a constant ache in my kidneys. i realized that i had a problem when i found myself choosing which pharmacy to get my next "fix" from.   some are easier than others as some will just hand them across the counter whilst others capture your name.   i really need to end this as it is effecting my life so badly.  i am scared to just give up cold turkey as i cannot afford to take time off work. has anybody successfully weaned themself off.   perhaps cut back from 16 a day to maybe 10 and so on.   i cannot talk to anybody about this and there is absolutely no way i can go to my GP to discuss this.   last year he told me my liver markings were slightly raised on my blood tests and asked if i was taking medication.  of course i lied and said no, nothing.   i am so desperate and very unhappy and i know i am causing destruction to my kidneys and liver.   if i normally take about 20 a day, what would be the best way to cut down.  also, I find that when I need my next "fix" I have this aching pain in my temples and sinuses and cheekbones.  is that what withdrawals will feel like.  I am so scared. 


You should contact any good doctor as soon as possible to solve your problem.