Last night I was on the computer doing my homework and suddenly i felt a little dizzy. i layed on my bed because i thought maybe the computer got me dizzy from doing my homework all day and i started to feel faintish and nauseous. i was really cold and i started to shake. i ran to the bathroom thinking i was going to vomit and i sat on the bathroom floor while my roommate stayed with me. i drank some water and i started to shake. i thought maybe I'm really tired and cold my muscles are out of control. i could not stop SHAKING! i sat in my room and i only felt better after i passed some gas and had a cold wash rag on my forehead when i was underneath about 4 comforters. I finally fell asleep at 3am after drinking some ginger ale... maybe i needed some sugar?

is this diabetes? low blood sugar? maybe too much sugar? not eating good food?

please help. this is the worst feeling.