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Users comments and reviews on article Medical Drug Addicts by drtomt


Very well researched, well written and unafraid to point out the "painful" facts behind our Medical system today.

I am trying (with significant difficulty) to free myself from 4 years of constant use of painkllers (on and off for 12 years) and from 3 years of significant antidepressant meds (our daughter was killed in an auto accident).

In many cases, the Doctors don't take the time to listen to your true issues and simply pull out the prescription pad and move on to the next patient. Once you've had that first prescription written, refills are a joke, they are precribed in my community simply by calling in a request to an automated system.

We need to take a serious look at how Doctors are compensated with perks from the Drug Manufacturers for moving their product. I am not saying that is the entire issue or that every Doctor follows this pattern, but enough are to continue to make the problem continue for milliions of patients.

Even when you decide it is time to get away from a med, it is actually harder to stop the process than to start it. Not only do you have the addiction issue ( and yes, if you are taking these meds for more than a few months, you ARE addicted - a hard thing to admit, but it will save your life in the long run), but you also have the medical community pushing these drugs from all directions...from the manufacturers to the reps to the doctors to the commercials with FREE SAMPLES on TV!

Thank you for an intelligent article on one of the most serious problem we are facing in medicine today. I hope more people read your article and have the courage to just say no to legal drug addiction as we've been asked in the past to say to the use of illegal drugs.


You cite a lot of statistics, but it's obvious that you reached your rather simplistic conclusions first and then cherry-picked evidence to support it.

Legitimate research uses the opposite approach: first you systematically gather the evidence, then you draw conclusions that are statistically supported by that evidence at the significance level accepted by your discipline, and then you discuss your conclusions. Speculation doesn't even enter into it.

It's too bad that people can get doctoral degrees these days without learning the principles and methods of proper academic research. Maybe that's part of the problem with the medical profession these days.