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So the first day of my last period was on may 23rd, and I had sex the first time with my boyfriend on 15th.
I am not on birth control but this is what happened.
He did used a condom and we just started however there was barely penetration cause I was still tight, i however bled a little.
He was very careful and we stopped very early too and like I said he just got hard. He told me... he hadn't pre-ejaculate or ejaculated. The condom was snugged tight. not only that he took the condom off and i was away from him when he did that... and he filled up with water and there was no holes or tears because it didn't leak. 

I'm still very worried and stress because I really do want my period.
Can I still be pregnant?


okay condoms r 99.9% to 97% effective with the proper use. with that said it is really unlikely that u r pregnant. I would recommended that if u r going to continue to be sexually active and do not want a unplanned pregnancy u should have some kind of back up method. like birth control or spermalside. if u r under 18 r afraid to tell ur parents u can always call ur local health department. I know in my state the offer free birth control for students and people who can not afford them. they will also give u a gyn exam which is very important when u r sexual active.