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So i have been dating my boyfriend for 15 months. I care and love him so much, but things have changed a lot over the last 3 months. 1. He has never told me that he loves me even tho i have told him everyday for the last 8 months. 2. We use to spend every weekend together and now he goes away to a different town saying he is visiting his cousin. (town is only 35 min drive) 3.  When he is gone it is like he completely forgets about me I can call or text him and he ignores them until he is back home or on his way back. He is a jealous guy and if i don't return his call or text back right away he assumes that i am cheating on him. I have four kids and he has one. we are both 39. My youngest child is attatched to him and has even called hm dad a couple of times and he glows over her. We have talked about marriage but now  I'm not to sure if that is a good idea. Any advise would be helpful. Thank you


This is a couple of months old, but maybe he just needs so guy time. It sounds like he cares for you but a bit insensitive towards your feelings. you should sit down and talk to him and tell him how you feel. Have things gotten any better?