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Hello. I met a guy in a bar who works in the office next door to me. Very randomly he told me he fancied me, I said I liked him too. He then demanded my number and was quite 'touchy feely' from day one. The month that followed was amazing, he was wonderful, clearly liked me immensely. Once he cried in bed with me saying I was so important to him, we met each weekend, after work, I slept round his house, met his family. He pushed me into 'officially' getting into a relationship with him, all rather fast but I really like'ed' him. He told me he had bipolar, I said I didn't mind, I like him regardless.

Then, out of nowhere he says he can't do it anymore, he needs a 'break'. Basically the polite way of saying it's over, I'm dumping you. It is soul destroying, we used to text each other dozens of times per day, see each other at every opportunity and now, he will not text me at all. He does reply to my texts however, I say he doesn't have to hate himself (which he does) and he says it's not my fault, he can't do it.

We were only dating for a month but I have never been adored by somebody so much. The last time I saw him before he 'dumped' me was on very good terms, he made me kiss him before leaving for work. 

He has been on medication for three months, I officially dated him for 4 weeks. It has been three days since the split, he still says hello to me if I happen to see him in the corridor we both have our offices in but he will not initiate conversation with me at all.

Do you think after he has recovered from this bad period, he will want to resume the relationship and will he want to see me again. How can he quite clearly like me so much and then suddenly not want anything to do with me? I know I'm a fool for even wanting him back but I would take him, he's perfect.

Meanwhile I have not contacted him at all, I'm just leaving him to his own thoughts. Please do let me know if you think he'll be back..?


I forgot to add. He is able to talk to other people okay, but apparently he wants to quit his job and he hates talking to people. Are bipolar people able to pretend they're fine very well around all others except the one they 'love'/like?



Ask yourself somethings.
What if he does "come back", u date him again for another month, what if he decides to leave u again?
Would u be able to go trough all of that again?
If the medication doesnt help would u really be able to forgive him everytimr he decides to leave you?