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I am a single mother of five. I just found out that I was pregnant yesterday. The father is happy and wants to be there but here is my problem. I fell head over heels with this man five years ago not even my kids fathers could tug on my heart like he did. We ended our relationship because drinking and partying was all he thought about. two months later this girl ends up pregnant and he stays with her in a relationship for two years.  Currently he has come back a somewhat changed person. with the exception of how he is treating me while he was trying to get a chance to come back in my life so we could work on being together. He was sweet and attentive and told me he wished i never left his side. well he took me out to dinner a couple of times and we enede up having sex two weeks ago and yesterday I told him I was pregnant he said he would help me in any way he can. so when i asked him about us he said yeah we can do that. I think hes seeing someone else and doesnt want to tell me because I told him I refuse to be a babys mother again he told me dont kill my baby you baby killer. I dont want to have his child and he is off with someone else is that a selfish reason to get rid of this child I do not want to hurt when I have to send my child with him knowing we are not together. tonite we were texting back and forth until I asked him to answer a question if  he loved me or was he in love with me. I never got a text back. He keeps making me feel like c**p everytime we get together and I think i just want him out of my life. If you never really loved me and was using me till the next best thing came along then why get me pregnant. I dont desrve the kind of treatment that I am recieving from him. I know he is with someone else and he is lying to me about it. I wouldnt be surprised if she too will be pregnant in a few months. Im tired of being stressed out about this If i dont hear an answer from him tonite I will not be going through with this pregnancy because he probably wont be there for my child either he says he will. but he told me alot of things before I got pregnant I already have five and I am just getting to the point where I am financially free. I am also going to school to better myself to get a better paying job. I work too hard to be set back. What should I do im confused one minute I want it because its his child and when I see him treat me the way he treats me like he doesnt want to be with me he just wants the baby then I want to get it out of me and rid him of my life for good. 


Stay away from this person have an abortion, and raise the kids you have, stay away from men you are dedicated to only your children raise them then get a life later when they are old enough to leave home............stop the madness now!!!!