Here we go. Basically me and my partner are TTC i got my implant taken out on the 4th august. I then ovulated around the 11th because i knew the symptoms and i had a little blood smeared mucus alongside abdominal pain down one side, i had sex three nights in a row the 3 days before i ovulated (8th, 9th, 10th) and then again on the 12th. Since then i experienced pregnancy symptoms which i recognised from my 1st pregnancy, I had abdominal pain, some lower back cramps, feeling sickish, getting headaches ( i suffer from these quite often anyway) and still feeling hungry after i eat. The abdominal pain has now subsided but still getting cramps now and again ( mainly when i am active and in workmoving about) but all of the other symptoms are still here and today i have started suffering from my gums bleeding when i brush them which i had through my 1st pregnancy. I was in the bath last night and u know how water gets up there, when the water came out there was reddish stringy discharge in the water, i inspected my cervix and i could feel it ( how early in pregnancy does your cervix rise up??) and it was soft and when i brought my finger out there was more reddish discharge, i would be due my period midway through next week and i dont know wether this would be implantation occuring or my period?? i have no bloody discharge when wiping it just happened in the bath and when i inspected my cervix! I would love to be pregnant on my first try after coming off the implant! has anyone else been in the same boat and suffered the same symptoms, if so, what was the out come? I know its possible to have pregnancy symptoms after coming off implanon! Please be totally honest with me, my partner is going to the army next february and im desperate to get preggers before he leaves so any advice would help! Im 22 and my partner is 21 and we also have a 2 year old son. sorry for going on, thanks xxxxxx :? :?