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I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend almost 2 weeks after my last period.. I know that's "invitation for pregnancy" time. We were a little caught up and didnt separate in the climax and about two days later I had a light pink discharge.. It was kinda heavy because it did go through my pants (of course they were white). About 2-3 days after that I got really bad cramps, it was tolerable and then they became awful and suddenly I started to bleed and I was on what seemed to be a period, but I had my period a little more than 2 weeks prior. I took it as an "implantation gone wrong" or like an "instantaneous miscarriage" is that possible??


Hi Guest,

Once you have ovulated and its been fertilized it takes 6-12 days to implant and implantation bleeding only lasts once when you go to the toilet and wipe its pink/brown in colour and is only a few drops at most. It isn't possible to have a miscarriage before it implants and you would certainly know when you have one. Some women have random bleeds in the middle of their cycle so it would have been that. It is still possible you could get pregnant but not yet. If you don't get your period when expected then get a pregnancy test. Most women don't even know their pregnant until they miss a period so there's no point looking for symptoms.