Ok. This maybe long but I really need guidance. 
So I have always had a irregular period but it got to where it would be off for 2-4 months and then get a period that bleeds extremely heavy for at least 3 weeks. It happened the first time Jan. 2012 i went to the ER and they called it abnormal vaginal bleeding and sent me home, it went off a few days later.
 I didn't start to get a period again unlit April 20th. it was really light and just spotting but that night I got drunk and got raped. Im not sure if anything happened but I remember thrusting and saying no and I think the guy got off of me before he finished. I woke up and saw a condom wrapper on the floor. I was a virgin before this. A few days later I took plan B. and a week or so later I got my heavy period again that lasted until at least may 6th. 
It is now july and i have not had a period since then. I went to the Gyno thinks i have PCOS and put me on Provera for 10 days to start my period but its been 5 days after my last dose and nothing has came. He also ordered lab work and an internal and external ultrasound ordered. I had my ultrasound in july and the tech didn't say anything. I haven't had sex since the first time. 
So could I be pregnant or is it PCOS and should I expect a period soon?